Welcome and thanks for visiting the DragonsEye website!  DragonsEye Porcelain is owned and operated by Crystalline Glaze artist Cherry VanCour and is now located in beautiful Garden Valley Idaho.  The website background is a winter-time view from the deck of our new home and studio in Garden Valley.

Cherry & DragonsEye Porcelain specialize in the design & manufacture of Porcelain Fine Art with special focus around the study and use of Crystalline Glaze Mixtures & Hi-Fire Kiln Techniques.

See samples of Cherry's work below then check out the Gallery page for featured DragonsEye Crystalline.  Also visit the Events page for dates and locations of galleries and exhibits featuring Cherry's latest creations.


Visit DragonsEye Porcelain on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/DragonseyePorcelain
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